Assassin’s Creed 3 review

Assassin’s creed 3 is the fifth game in the series and it doesn’t disappoint. The main story follows on from the previous game, Assassin’s creed revelations, again you play as Desmond Miles a modern day assassin. Desmond is on a mission to find artefacts and stop the Knights Templar from getting them first. This instalment is set in the American Revolution where you play as a half British, half  native american named Ratonhnhake:ton or Conor which he gets referenced by.

The story takes long to start as the build-up defines what happens throughout the story. You first start out playing with a British Knights Templar who fathers the  main character, you then go on the play as the main character in his development years until finally you are thrown into the main story where you can completely free-roam.

Assassin’s creed 3 has a full range features for you to have fun with. You can go hunting, sail a boat, liberate towns and you can do all this without doing the main missions. The main missions however, are filled with rich cut-scenes and interesting plot twists.

The multiplayer is very much the same it has always been you either like or you don’t (like Marmite). As I played the multiplayer mode I found it very irritating and difficult to get to grips with. Also, the menus are awkward to navigate and it can make you lose interest in playing online.

Overall this is a very good game, the story mode is completing, the online is fun if not for only a short time and the side missions can keep you entertained for hours.

I would give this game a 9/10


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